Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hello all,

Here's the cast list as of... well, now. When you see a "?" that means the part is either not cast or the casting is delayed for some reason (like me waiting to hear back from someone). However, all the large roles have been cast.

Some characters also have descriptive instead of proper names, this will change as I come up with cool names.

Without further ado:

Thomas Selph… Matt Hall

Persephone… Sarah Mundy

Reflex… Jason Torrance

Tavish… Tavish Costello

Maria Peckinpah… Kaitlynn Donovan

Jerk… Seth DeFayette

Bum… Thomas Gadway

Darlene… Christina Norri

Bench Guy… ?

Dead Cop #1… Jason Hopkins

Gance… Alan Brown

Photographer… Justin Passino

Peckinpah... ?

Bodyguard... Adam DeFayette

Delores... ?

Van Gogh... ?

Various friends, punks, partygoers, detectives, henchmen, and Andy McDonnell still to be cast.

Even though it may seem that a lot of parts are unfilled right now, we are in good standing. If you know of anyone who might want to be in a movie and only need to work one day, let me know. Until next time. Back to the script!

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