Monday, May 30, 2011

First scene completed!

We just finished the scene with Matt, Sarah and Christina! 1 down, forty million to go!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Day of Shooting Done!

Today we started shooting the film! We shot with Matt Hall, Sarah Mundy and Christina Nori. Peter Belanger assisted. The shots look great. If this is a harbinger of what's to come, the film looks in good shape.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

things are starting up!

Everything is looking good. Should start shooting very soon. I'll be updating the blog to hold more pertinent information. Yahoo!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey all.

There will be a script reading for the movie tonight at the ROTA around 5pm.

Unfortunately, it will only be the first half of the script as I am still tweaking the second half of the script. But there is still 80 pages of script to go over so come on down!

My back still sucks. But not as bad.

My allergies are strong. But I am stronger!

My brain is melting and draining out my ears. What? WHAT!?

Come on down and help us read the script. It's quite boss.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Casting News

Before I forget, two new castings!

First is Kathleen Coonrod shall be playing Franchesca.

Next we have second-unit director Peter Belanger playing the part of Vincent Van Gogh! That will be news to him.

Back to you're regularly scheduled apocalypses.


Pain spit shined on my spine, see it sparkle!

My back sucks still.

I haven't been able to sit up for more than twenty minutes today and finish typing the script. It is closer than ever to completion. Hopefully this will happen soon.

Be sure to sign up for the blog so I know you are checking it. If you can't for some reason, just drop me a quick email and let me know you are.

Locations are lining up and so are the props. As soon as the script is finished finished, I will be posting a lot of info.

I am probably going to start shooting next week, so I will be needing assitance. One or two people would be enough. If your free later half of next week, let me know.

More news soon.


Monday, May 16, 2011


We now have a Bench Guy! Sanjaya Wejisuriya, star of such classics as Easter Sunday Can Never Be Lent and Bombay Hand-J, has just signed the multi-million dollar contract for his cameo role.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hello all,

Just taking a break from the final revision of the script. It's been like pulling teeth, but I am very pleased with what I've got. I'd say the structure of the film is solved. The dialogues are meaty. And the images strong. The next couple days will be all about putting it together. Wish me luck.


Sunday, May 8, 2011



Just to keep certain problems on everyone's minds, I will periodically post about them. In this case, we need to find a location to fill in for the house of the titled art critic, Andy McDonnell.

We will need to use the location for one night shoot (2 separate scenes: the beheading scene and a brief return to the scene of the crime by the killer) and one day shoot (one scene: the day after the murder where the killer looks for the critic's head and then kills four cops). It'd be nice if the location has a stairwell for a certain shot, but if not I can shoot the shot somewhere else.

We'll most likely shoot both the day and night sessions on the same day, to get out of the owner's hair quickly and also for simplicity's sake. The location needs to be a house, whether it's the whole house or only a floor of it.

Please please please, ask around. Associate producer credit or location manager credit is the reward (looks great on a resume!). Any questions, direct them to me.




Just as soon as I posted the cast list, I hear from one of the potential actors. So, I am now proud to announce LIZALLEN! is going to play the part of Delores, the diner waitress. It will be an epic portrayal of a working woman who despite the odds finds a way to pour coffee and serve pie!

I am open to suggestions as to what kind of pie.


Hello all,

Here's the cast list as of... well, now. When you see a "?" that means the part is either not cast or the casting is delayed for some reason (like me waiting to hear back from someone). However, all the large roles have been cast.

Some characters also have descriptive instead of proper names, this will change as I come up with cool names.

Without further ado:

Thomas Selph… Matt Hall

Persephone… Sarah Mundy

Reflex… Jason Torrance

Tavish… Tavish Costello

Maria Peckinpah… Kaitlynn Donovan

Jerk… Seth DeFayette

Bum… Thomas Gadway

Darlene… Christina Norri

Bench Guy… ?

Dead Cop #1… Jason Hopkins

Gance… Alan Brown

Photographer… Justin Passino

Peckinpah... ?

Bodyguard... Adam DeFayette

Delores... ?

Van Gogh... ?

Various friends, punks, partygoers, detectives, henchmen, and Andy McDonnell still to be cast.

Even though it may seem that a lot of parts are unfilled right now, we are in good standing. If you know of anyone who might want to be in a movie and only need to work one day, let me know. Until next time. Back to the script!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here's the handout I made for this last production meeting. Things are moving slowly but surely. Check back here often. I'll try to make updates daily until the start of production.

Pre-Production Issues:

Casting Issues:

Need to cast: Peckinpah, Van Gogh, friends, Delores (a diner waitress), Five Frat Punks to be slaughtered, Henchmen, partygoers, detectives, Andy McDonnell

Locations Needed: Peckinpah’s Office

Party Location


Van Gogh’s Field

Andy McDonnell’s House

Gance’s Place

Killer’s Motel Room

Persephone’s Art Show

Roller Derby???


All supporting role actors need to bring 3 costuming options to the shoots or get prior approval of costuming choices. Any special costume requirements will be discussed beforehand. NO COPYRIGHTED IMAGES ON ANY COSTUME (no corporate logos or celebrity imagery). Make sure to brush your teeth and clean the crud out of your eyes because the HD camera will see it!!!

Graphic Effects

There will be 2 molding days where we shall plaster cast all the actors who will be used in violent scenes (i.e. the beheadings). I will require assistance to make the molds. Those being casted need to show up freshly shaved if possible, wearing cloths that can get dirty.


In the movie, Tom Selph paints a large number of canvases. I may need help with this. A painting day may happen where I shall direct some volunteers in the painting of these canvases.

There is also a second art show in the film that is a cooperative show. So, if you want some of your work to be in the film, let me know and your work will be in this second artshow.


There are some props I need help with. Here is a tentative list:

Paint tubes (empties)

Arquebus (old-fashioned pistol)

Body parts (real or fake, well, probably just fake)


Presently, I am unsure of exactly how the music in the film is going to be realized. I am leaning towards a mix of pre-recorded songs by local musicians with a possible score element added later. Interested musicians who want to include their music, let me know. If you know any musician who might want to be a part of the soundtrack, let me know. And finally anyone interested in scoring, let me know.

Production issues


Scheduling will be done week by week to accommodate schedules and the development of the production.

Cast and crew need to be on time for shoots. Otherwise things will stall.

Phone calls and the blog will be tools to accommodate this.

Crew needed

Every shoot day, I need two to three crew members. Shoots should only last a few hours (3-4 hours typically). Duties shall include: helping move stuff (equipment and such), Boom mic holding, idea sounding board (I want to hear everyone’s ideas), camera operation, etc.

SO, these are what was covered this past Thursday. More will be coming. As well as script and promotion updates. I also hope to have some concept art up soon. And if you have an idea of some way you can help that I haven't touched upon, by all means let me know.

We are going to make one kick-ass fucking movie!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is out first post for the production of Bring Me The Head Of Andy McDonnell. Check back daily for updates.