Sunday, May 8, 2011



Just to keep certain problems on everyone's minds, I will periodically post about them. In this case, we need to find a location to fill in for the house of the titled art critic, Andy McDonnell.

We will need to use the location for one night shoot (2 separate scenes: the beheading scene and a brief return to the scene of the crime by the killer) and one day shoot (one scene: the day after the murder where the killer looks for the critic's head and then kills four cops). It'd be nice if the location has a stairwell for a certain shot, but if not I can shoot the shot somewhere else.

We'll most likely shoot both the day and night sessions on the same day, to get out of the owner's hair quickly and also for simplicity's sake. The location needs to be a house, whether it's the whole house or only a floor of it.

Please please please, ask around. Associate producer credit or location manager credit is the reward (looks great on a resume!). Any questions, direct them to me.


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