Saturday, May 7, 2011


Here's the handout I made for this last production meeting. Things are moving slowly but surely. Check back here often. I'll try to make updates daily until the start of production.

Pre-Production Issues:

Casting Issues:

Need to cast: Peckinpah, Van Gogh, friends, Delores (a diner waitress), Five Frat Punks to be slaughtered, Henchmen, partygoers, detectives, Andy McDonnell

Locations Needed: Peckinpah’s Office

Party Location


Van Gogh’s Field

Andy McDonnell’s House

Gance’s Place

Killer’s Motel Room

Persephone’s Art Show

Roller Derby???


All supporting role actors need to bring 3 costuming options to the shoots or get prior approval of costuming choices. Any special costume requirements will be discussed beforehand. NO COPYRIGHTED IMAGES ON ANY COSTUME (no corporate logos or celebrity imagery). Make sure to brush your teeth and clean the crud out of your eyes because the HD camera will see it!!!

Graphic Effects

There will be 2 molding days where we shall plaster cast all the actors who will be used in violent scenes (i.e. the beheadings). I will require assistance to make the molds. Those being casted need to show up freshly shaved if possible, wearing cloths that can get dirty.


In the movie, Tom Selph paints a large number of canvases. I may need help with this. A painting day may happen where I shall direct some volunteers in the painting of these canvases.

There is also a second art show in the film that is a cooperative show. So, if you want some of your work to be in the film, let me know and your work will be in this second artshow.


There are some props I need help with. Here is a tentative list:

Paint tubes (empties)

Arquebus (old-fashioned pistol)

Body parts (real or fake, well, probably just fake)


Presently, I am unsure of exactly how the music in the film is going to be realized. I am leaning towards a mix of pre-recorded songs by local musicians with a possible score element added later. Interested musicians who want to include their music, let me know. If you know any musician who might want to be a part of the soundtrack, let me know. And finally anyone interested in scoring, let me know.

Production issues


Scheduling will be done week by week to accommodate schedules and the development of the production.

Cast and crew need to be on time for shoots. Otherwise things will stall.

Phone calls and the blog will be tools to accommodate this.

Crew needed

Every shoot day, I need two to three crew members. Shoots should only last a few hours (3-4 hours typically). Duties shall include: helping move stuff (equipment and such), Boom mic holding, idea sounding board (I want to hear everyone’s ideas), camera operation, etc.

SO, these are what was covered this past Thursday. More will be coming. As well as script and promotion updates. I also hope to have some concept art up soon. And if you have an idea of some way you can help that I haven't touched upon, by all means let me know.

We are going to make one kick-ass fucking movie!!!

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